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On December 31, 2016, after 25 years at Chesterfield Baptist and 40 years of pastoral service to the Lord, Pastor David Engleman retired. On January 1, 2017, we welcomed our intentional interim pastor, Dr. Dean Frazeur. Pastor Dean, alongside our church coach Dr. Jim Hamacher, will lead us through a year of transition. 

This page has been added to help Chesterfield Baptist stay informed about the search for a new Lead Pastor and to guide their prayers during this time. As updates become available, they will be added with new information and requests.

The Pastor Search Committee members have commenced the research process. We are so excited to be serving you and will be seeking God's guidance each step of the way. We are working as a committee with each member choosing a leadership role. The team members are listed below with the role they have chosen Please feel free to contact any member with questions or concerns or if you are excited and have an idea to share! We will continue to keep you informed throughout this process through the newsletter, weekly blast, announcements, and notes. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

 Doug Morris (Public Spokesperson)  
 Mike Robinson (Prayer Warrior)  
 Sherry McGrady (Secretary)  
 Donna Stables (Convener)  
 Jeff Osterbind (Pastor Search Veteran) 
 Susan Brennan (Office Liaison)  
 Kelly Rawllins (Church Coach Contact) 

Pastor Position Portal
​​ UPDATE: JULY 10, 2016

At the regularly scheduled bi-monthly business meeting, the Nominating Committee presented the list of nominations for the Pastoral Search Committee. They are as follows: Sherry McGrady, Mike Robinson, Doug Morris, Donna Stables, and Kelly Rawllins. Alternates are Susan Brennan and Jeff Osterbind. Coming from committee, no second required. Vote to accept was unanimous.
​​ UPDATE: JANUARY 15, 2017

Church Coach Report - Dr. James Hamacher; 804-239-0996;


It is a pleasure to begin this spiritual journey with Chesterfield Baptist Church.  It is an honor to serve you as Church Coach during this interim. 
You will want to know that Dr. Dean Frazeur, your interim pastor, and I are in frequent communication, and I am glad to see how we are working as a team to provide the best ministry possible to the fine people of Chesterfield.  In fact, we will be sharing the sermon on Sunday, January 22.  The Interim Search Committee is to be congratulated on choosing such a capable and dedicated minister to serve as intentional interim.  I have all the confidence in the world that he will do an outstanding job. 

Pastor Dean and I will begin to visit in the Sunday School classes on January 22.  The purpose of these short visits is simply to get acquainted with the congregation and, primarily, to listen to what the people have to say.  I am interested, and as church coach, it is important that I “listen” and not just “talk”.   Pastor Dean and I are here to serve and for that reason we want to do all we can to connect with the people.
Last fall, I met with the Pastor Search Committee and look forward to our next meeting together on January 19.  My first meeting with the Church Council was this past Thursday, and I was impressed at how much they already had planned for 2017.  Likewise, after attending the January Deacons’ meeting, I was very impressed with the commitment and involvement of your deacons.

  • If you ever have any questions, please call me at 804-239-0996, or email me at day or night. Please do not hesitate.  
  • My reports to the church will be in the church’s newsletter, and they will also be posted on one of the hall bulletin boards. Watch for my yellow paper. I have asked that the reports also be available for you in the church foyer.  Stop by anytime and pick one up.  After reading it, stick it in your Bible as a reminder to pray for me. 
  • Also, information will be on the church’s website. A new page is being added to the site so you can get the very latest on what is happening in the Search Committee’s efforts. 
​​ UPDATE: JANUARY 22, 2017

Transition Team
The Transition Team is one of the key groups with whom the Church Coach will work closely in accomplishing his responsibilities.   (The Transition Team is not the Pastor Search Team.)  Upon calling the Church Coach, the congregation made the wise choice to use a Transition Team.
From January 22 – February 5, church members may prayerfully nominate up to five people to serve on the Team.  Ballots may be placed in the offering plate or in the ballot box in the fellowship hall or foyer.

Purpose and Responsibilities
The Transitional Team will guide the congregation in giving thought and prayer on how best to move forward the church’s ministry and prepare for its future under the direction of the new pastor.  Upon the arrival of the pastor, the formal work of the committee will conclude. During the interim, working with established ministries of the church, deacons, church council and other leaders, the Transition Team will help the church:
  1. Celebrate and reflect on the story of God’s blessing and providence in Chesterfield Baptist Church.
  2. Lead the church and its ministry leaders in assessing Chesterfield’s current strengths and challenges; and its organizational and leadership needs.
  3. Clarify and re-affirm the doctrinal and denominational heritage of the congregation.
  4. Focus all ministries to reflect the church’s unique mission, vision and values.

The team will be composed of up to nine (no alternates) of the most positive people who are spiritually passionate about the future toward which God is leading Chesterfield Baptist Church.  The Transition Team will be representative of the church’s diversity, including men and women, younger and older people.

Nomination and Election Process
The Transition Team will be nominated by the church from January 22 – February 5.  On Saturday, February 11, the deacons will review the list of all persons who have been nominated and suggest the order in which the individuals should be interviewed.  (Individuals who have been listed the most often will receive priority consideration.)  The Church Coach will interview nominees. Deacons will present the final slate of individuals to be voted on by the church in the March 12 business meeting.  The following Sunday they will be presented to the congregation in a time of blessing and dedication. 
​​ UPDATE: MARCH 1, 2017

Church Coach Report - Dr. James Hamacher; 804-239-0996;

Enjoying the Sunday School Visits
During the past few weeks, Pastor Dean and I have been visiting in the Sunday School classes. We wanted to get to know you a little more and wanted you to get to know us as well. I can speak for Dean, when I say we have truly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your concerns, dreams, and hopes. The visits have been a good time of fellowship. . 

Transition Team Conversations and Election
I have been very impressed with the persons the church has nominated to serve on the Transition Team. As I have had personal conversations with them I have noticed that, without exception, these people care deeply for Chesterfield and also fully realize the church must be willing to adapt to the challenge of moving forward into the future. Their concern is genuine and their attitude is positive – what more could you ask for! . 
At the March deacons’ meeting, I will present the names of the people who have indicated a willingness to serve. Then at the church business meeting on March 12, the deacons will present the Team for the church’s official election. I am anticipating that on March 18, the Team will be presented to the church for a time of blessing, as they begin their work.

Clarifying and re-affirming Chesterfield’s doctrinal and denominational heritage
In this age of significant doctrinal diversity, even in Baptist life, it is important that the perspective pastor, the Pastor Search Committee and the church have a clear understanding of the church’s current doctrinal positions and its denominational heritage. This subject is one of the four topics to which the Transitional Team will give attention and provide the congregation the opportunity to discuss and study. Given the timing of Easter this year, I anticipate that this topic will dealt with soon after Easter. . 

Search Committee
Working with Chesterfield’s Search Committee is a true delight. As you can imagine, there are different phases in the process of looking for a new pastor. This first phase is the preparation stage and involves a lot of prayer and work behind the scenes. I hope you read carefully this month’s report from the Search Committee to catch a glimpse of the progress they are making. 
​​ UPDATE: MARCH 5, 2017

Pastor Search Committee Report
The Pastor Search Committee met on February 21st. Coach Jim Hamacher continued training with the group, sharing information about “best” practices to follow. The search committee is currently working hard on the four tasks listed below. They will be consulting the BGAV for resource materials and work with the Deacons, Church staff and committees to accomplish these tasks. The committee covets your prayers during this process. Please feel free to contact any of the members with questions or to share a thought or idea. We meet again on March 21st. 

We are working on these four tasks:
  1. Develop a Pastor compensation packet (salary, benefits, etc.)
  2. Updating and preparing Pastor Job Description
  3. Planning and developing a church survey
  4. Preparing a list of questions to ask potential candidates
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, APRIL 2017

Understanding the Ministry of the Search Committee and Transition Team
I felt a sense of well-deserved pride for you, the family of Chesterfield Baptist, when I saw the large number of people who stood before you for the dedication emphasis during last Sunday’s worship service. I have come to know and deeply appreciate each of these people you have chosen to serve on the Search Committee and Transition Team. I’m very impressed with each of them! Through personal interviews and conversations, I know that each of these individuals is not only a respected member of the church but is a person who has a passion to see Chesterfield reach its full potential.

You may want to know how the Search Committee and Transition Team will work with each other. Let me explain.
In most ways, they are independent of each other. Simply put, the Search Committee focuses on locating the pastor God is calling to Chesterfield. The Transition Team operates behind the scenes and works on the organizational aspects of the church before the new pastor arrives. The reason for focusing on the organization is that periodically every church needs to review where it is headed and what matters need to be addressed so that:

  1. The church is fully prepared for the leadership of the new pastor.
  2. What adjustments need to be made so that all aspects of the church’s life and ministry are as effective and impactful as is possible.

Having noted the independence of the Transition Team and the Search Committee, let me also say that there certainly are places where the work of the two groups intersect. Here are two:

  1. Reaffirmation of Chesterfield’s Doctrine and Denominational Heritage

Over the years, Chesterfield has developed a common understanding and consensus on significant areas of doctrine and denominational connections with such groups as the Southern Baptist Convention, Virginia Baptists, and Middle District. The Transition Team will help the church reaffirm and better understand the ministry of these groups and also reconfirm its basic statement of faith.

This reaffirmation process that is led by the Transition Team will help the Search Committee understand which ministerial candidates would not be a good fit for Chesterfield.

  1. Focus all ministries to reflect the church’s unique mission, vision and values.

As the Transition Team leads the church to clarify and focus on its mission, vision and values, this will not only help the church to become more effective but the information that is gleaned during this process will be used by the Search Committee to discern which pastoral candidate best fits Chesterfield’s DNA: its vision, mission and values.

Pastor Frazeur is rightly and wisely leading the church to focus on prayer and to ask the question, “What does God want for Chesterfield, not what do I want?” Both the Search Committee and the Transition Team are doing this also. Please be in prayer for these people as they serve you, the church, and our Lord.

It is an honor and blessing to serve alongside of you as your church coach.
Jim Hamacher
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, MAY 2017

Upcoming Survey’s and Conversation with the Church Coach
The Search Committee and Transition Team continue to make good progress. Some of the progress is obvious to the congregation, but much of it is not because so much of their work is behind the scenes.

Soon the Search Committee will invite the whole congregation to complete a survey regarding preferences and attributes of the future minister. Later in the month, the church leadership (deacons, committee members, Sunday School teachers, choir members and other elected members) will be asked to take two computerized surveys: one will deal with the church’s ability to deal with change and the other is a ministry assessment instrument. These three surveys are examples of important work that is going on behind the scenes.

The Transition Team met at my house in April for its orientation session. It was a good start and each of the twelve members was assigned to one of four subgroups. During the May 21st business meeting, the first “Conversation with the Church Coach” will take place and will deal with Chesterfield’s Denominational Heritage and Doctrinal Distinctives. The goal is to have the Transition Team subgroup that deals with these topics lead the congregation to affirm its current theological distinctives. This affirmation will provide the Search Committee a firm handle on the doctrinal perspectives that the future minister must have to effectively minister in and with the people of Chesterfield Baptist Church.

Continue to be in prayer for the work of Search Committee and Transition Team. Each of these individuals who serve on these groups are committed to Chesterfield and the Lord! On their behalf, I ask you to pray for wisdom and discernment that comes from the Spirit’s leadership.
As the work of these two teams become more involved, please do not hesitate to ask me any question regarding the scope and details of their work. You may call me at 804-239-0996 or email me at:

Coaching Question for May
Does Chesterfield Baptist Church need more members or missionaries?
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, JUNE 2017

The Pastoral Profile survey that the congregation completed in May is now being studied by the search committee. Soon, in June, the committee will share results with the church.

Transition Team
Below is an overview of the work of the Transition Team’s four sub-groups:
  1. Celebrate and reflect on the story of God’s blessing and providence in Chesterfield Baptist Church. This subgroup is planning a church-wide, Friday evening event in July for this very purpose.
  2. Reaffirm Chesterfield’s Doctrine and Denominational Heritage.In the May 21 business meeting this group gave a report that led the church to re-affirm its current theological beliefs and mission connections. The full report is available on the table in the church foyer. They have also invited the Executive Director of the Baptist General Association of Virginia to preach on Sunday, August 27.
  3. Guide the church and its ministry leaders in assessing Chesterfield’s current strengths and challenges, and its organizational and leadership needs.During the months of June and July this sub-group will be asking church leaders to complete two surveys: one that will assess the church’s readiness for change and the other will assess the various ministries of the church. The results of these surveys will be shared with the church in an attempt to strengthen the overall ministries of Chesterfield in the long term and as we begin to think toward fall planning.This group has also begun to discuss areas in which the formal organization of the church might be strengthened through finding more effective ways to organize ministry and to make those changes formalized through the changing of areas of the constitution. These discussions will ultimately lead to church-wide conversations and decisions.
  4. Focus all ministries to reflect the church’s unique mission, vision and values.In May, this group began to meet and is discussing what words and concepts would best express where God might be leading Chesterfield in order to reach its full potential. The intent of this group is to have these discussions within the sub-group, then with the whole Transition Team, and then with others in the church.

In recent conversations with different groups, I am glad to see how the church is continuing to show signs of health and the spirit toward the future is positive. It truly is an honor to work with you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally: or 804-276-8481.

The Pastor Search Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent Congregational Survey. We appreciate your prayers and input and we want to share the information with you as we rely on God’s leadership in our research. The results from the survey are as follows:

In the short answer section from the front page of the survey you shared that your preference for a Pastor would be for someone who is between the ages of 30-59; married or widowed ; and having at least 6-10 years of previous pastoral experience. Priorities in Pastoral care included counseling; visiting; sermon preparation; prayer/ Bible study. Preaching style would be based on engaging personal/ relational issues; textual /scripture; and challenging /appealing for action/change issues.

In the “About You “section from the back of the survey the data shared revealed that our fellowship is faithful! The majority have been attending our church for 10 years or more; participates in 4 or more services/activities a month; is over 50; and the majority who responded do not have young children living at home. There were more female than male members who completed surveys.

It would take too long to share all the wonderful comments and suggestions you shared in the long answer section, however we have shared these in written form on a hand-out you may pick up in the foyer on the table, or by clicking on the link here. We have shared all data with you in the handout. We thank you for sharing your dreams and thoughts about the future and where you feel God is leading us!
All of this information will help the Pastor Search Committee as they seek the church and God’s guidance and continue to work to prepare for the person who God will call to be the next Pastor of Chesterfield Baptist Church.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Search Committee:
Doug Morris, Susan Brennan, Jeff Osterbind,Mike Robinson, Donna Stables, Sherry McGrady, and Kelly Rawllins 
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, JULY 2017

Two Surveys for Church Leadership
As of Thursday, July 6, the completion rate from Chesterfield’s leadership regarding the two surveys has not been as strong as is needed. Only 10 people completed the Ministry Evaluation survey and 13 had completed the Change survey.

Denomination and Doctrine Sub Group of Transition Team
This subgroup of the Transition Team has completed most of its work. The last part of its function will be on August 27 when Dr. John Upton will preach in the morning worship service. John is the Executive Director of Virginia Baptists and is a very captivating speaker. You will be blessed by hearing him. Not only will you learn more about how Virginia Baptists are good stewards of your mission gifts but you will hear a very challenging sermon.

Heritage and History Sub Group of the Transition Team
This group invites the whole church a special Celebration on Friday, July 21. The event will include good fun, good food, and provide good insights into God’s providence, guidance, and blessing of Chesterfield over the years.

Ministry Evaluation Group
This group also deals with bylaws and constitution and is studying what other churches have done to improve the overall effectiveness of the church’s organization. As soon as possible, this subgroup will have interviews and discussions with leaders from some of these other churches. Their goal is to discover an improved infrastructure models that might work for Chesterfield. The results of these discussions will be shared with the whole Transition Team and then with the whole congregation.

Mission, Vision and Values Subgroup
This group has met and is discussing the values that Chesterfield now demonstrates in its life and ministry and if there are a two or three key “aspirational values” that the church should strive to incorporate so that it more readily reach its full kingdom potential. Soon they will lead the Transition Team in similar conversations that will ultimately lead to church-wide conversations.

The Search Committee
Finishing updating the current pastor job description is one of the two priorities of the committee. They are also completing their salary and benefits study and will soon be discussing this with the appropriate church committees. The goal is to enable them to have accurate conversations with the pastoral candidates that can reflect the range of salary that the church and candidate can prayerfully consider. Upon completion of these two tasks, I anticipate the committee will begin to post and receive resumes.
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, AUGUST 2017

Thanks History Group
Under the capable leadership of pastor Dean, the History Celebration subgroup of the Transition Team did a wonderful job of helping the church remember and celebrate God’s goodness throughout the life and ministry of Chesterfield Baptist Church.  Thank you Delores Day, Ellen A. Nicholls, and Ray Snider, members of the Transition Team, for the time and effort you put into this worthwhile event. 

“Turned the church toward the community”
At the History Celebration in July, a number of significant memories were shared and their implications pondered.  Here are two of the salient insights from the evening:
  1. God has blessed Chesterfield Baptist Church throughout its history.  Whether it was surviving a fire or regrouping after a church split, God has remained faithful and blessed as the people trusted and went forward, doing its best to fulfill the Great Commission.
  2. The year was 1954 when the church chose to literally turn the church around and face the changing community.  The back story is that originally the church faced “old” Hull Street Rd. but later the road was rerouted to where it was now.  So, to more effectively reach the community, the church changed the direction it faced to the position it is now.  Interestingly, some people voted against it but the wisdom and desire of the vast majority recognized the need to change.  This spirit of desiring to reach the community continues to be alive in the people of Chesterfield as they respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to change so that it might more effectively fulfill the Great Commission in this day and time. 

Special Guest – Dr. John Upton
At the invitation of the Transition Teams’ Denominational and Doctrine Subgroup, John Upton, the Executive Director of Virginia Baptists will be guest preacher in the morning service on August 28.  Dr. Upton has had a worldwide ministry and our denomination is blessed to have such a capable preacher of God’s Word who is also a proven innovative, down-to-earth, humble servant leader of Baptists here in Virginia.  

Survey Still Needed
If you are a church leader who has received an invitation to complete two online surveys, please complete them as soon as possible.  These will be used by the Ministry Analysis subgroup to assess the church’s strengths and challenges as it moves forward and prepares for the coming of the new pastor.

The first survey deals with the church’s readiness for change and the second gives an overall view of the current effectiveness of the different areas of the church’s ministry.  As soon as the results are available.


During the month of August, I have been out of town and have not meet with committees and subgroups but the work of the Transition Team and Search Committee has progressed.
The Search Committee talked with the deacons about the salary package for a new pastor and also a revised job description. 
The results from the two surveys the church leaders took last month are now being tabulated and I look forward to sharing the results with you.  I must tell you that an unusually small percentage of people participated in the survey.  I don’t think that will skew the results but it is surprising and a concern to me and others who do church consulting. 
The Ministry Evaluations subgroup from the Transition Team presented to the deacons a concept for simplifying the organizational structure of Chesterfield.  No specifics were given but an introduction to the benefits of streamlining the committee structure to make it easier to carry out the mission of the church.  Early in September, this Transition Team subgroup will meet with two Middle District pastors whose churches have made similar improvements.  When these concepts are more fully developed in the context of Chesterfield, then they will be presented to the church for further discussion.
The Vision, Values, and Mission subgroup is finalizing a short list of values for discussion within the Transition Team and ultimately to the church.  This list will include two types of values: core values that are currently inherent in the life and ministry of the church and also two or three “aspirational” values.  Aspirational values are those values that the church wants to exhibit to more fully accomplish the mission. 
Now for a word about this part of the “behind the scenes” preparation for the coming of the new pastor.  I fully admit that these types of matters are often boring and considered unimportant and inconsequential by some.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  There is a saying that goes like this:
“Your church is perfectly set up to get the results it is
currently getting.”
We all know that the new pastor will have a significant impact on the life and ministry of the church.  However, it is the church’s culture that ultimately will have the largest influence on the growth and health of Chesterfield.  Things like the church’s values and aspirational values will make it possible for the new pastor and the whole church to begin to see renewal and growth.
If you have questions or would like for me to talk with you about these matters, please do not hesitate to let me know.  It is an honor to serve you.
Jim Hamacher,
​​ UPDATE: COACH's Corner, OCTOBER 2017

Below are the results of the meetings of the Transition Team’s subgroup: Mission, Vision, and Values.  These statements are not in final form, but I am sharing them for the purpose of providing an update on work progress and to get feedback. 

By way of explanation: “Core Values” are the values that explain what is at the heart and center of what the church actually does. Not what they hope to do or what they feel they should do.  “Aspirational Values” are the values the church feels led of God to begin to incorporate so that it can reach its full Kingdom potential.

The process going forward is to continue to improve the wording, then have the whole Transition Team discuss them, and then share these with the church.  The goal is for the new pastor to be a part of the final version of these before they are officially adopted by the church.

Please let me know your thoughts on these, ( so that the Transition Team and the Vision, Values, and Mission subgroup can profit from your input during these preliminary discussions.

Core Values
1. We value compassion
We believe that compassion for fellow church members and those outside the church demonstrates God’s love for all people.    
2. We value respect 
We believe that respect for others is the foundation of church unity, discipleship and evangelism.  

3. We value our heritage
We believe that our heritage is the foundation for God’s new future for our church 

Aspirational Values
1. We want to value Ministry Improvement   
We believe that individuals and churches should constantly strive to reach their full Kingdom potential. 

2. We want to value Multigenerationalism  
We believe that God’s design for the local church is that it be “the family of God” and that all ages should be included in its ministry and focus of its mission.

3. We want to value the Great Commission 
We believe that Jesus expects his church, and our members, to actively share the good news of his love and to help individuals to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

The Pastor Search Committee is excited and busy as over 90 resumes have been received for the Senior Pastor position at Chesterfield Baptist Church! Please knwo that we are meeting weekly to prayerfully review and go through each of these documents with care and consideration. We know that God is at work and the right candidate is being called by Him to serve faithfully through our fellowship and congregation. 

Please continue to pray for the PSC as they view resumes, respond to candidates, and work on identifying those who might best meet the needs of our church. We are continuing to receive resumes through November 15, 2017.

Continue to pray for Pastor Dean and Coach Jim as they support and guide us through this time of transition and change. Pray for our fellowship and continue to support each other as we serve the Lord through the ministries of our church. 

Feel free to contact any member of the PSC with questions or concerns. 
Doug Morris, Susan Brennan, Jeff Osterbind, Sherry McGrady, Kelly Rawllins, Mike Robinson, Donna Stables. 

I apologize that my schedule prevents me from attending this business meeting.  Please know that I have been involved in communicating with the Search Committee and have attended meetings of the subgroup that is dealing with finding a new committee structure for Chesterfield.  That group is the Ministry Evaluation Subgroup of the Transition Team and is composed of: Pam Willard, Donna Wilson and Brent Brennen.  They have had several meetings, have had interview with other churches with a different and effective committee structure and recently shared with the deacons some of their early findings.
Below are the “core” and “aspirational” values that are the product of the subgroup: Mission, Vision, and Values.  (Kent Booty, Clyde Price, and Scotty Bryan.)  Last month, I put these in print for everyone in the newsletter and do so again in the business meeting for the sake of transparency and full communication.  These values were recently discussed by the Transition Team and are now being shared with you in the business meeting.  As you read these values, please remember these statements need further discussion and edits.  We solicit input. Please feel free to contact Kent, Clyde or me. The goal is to ultimately involve the whole church in understanding and giving input into these statements because they will be used in guiding the ministries in the future.  Having said that, please know that my intention is for these to be fully accepted by the church’s vote at a time that works best after the new pastor begins his ministry. 

Core Values
These three* values represent the very heart and soul, the personality, the DNA of Chesterfield’s way of doing things. (*Best to name only a few core values.)
1.     We value our heritage
We believe that our heritage is the lever for God’s new future for our church.
2.     We value compassion
We believe that our compassion for fellow church members and those outside the church demonstrates God’s love for all people.                                                                                                            
3.     We value respect 
We believe that our mutual respect for each other is the foundation of our church’s unity, discipleship and evangelism.   
Aspirational Values
The following are three values that we believe in but must give top priority to embodying if we are to become the church God is calling us to be.  These values are the ones we “aspire” to live out consistently in ways we are not now doing.  These values, above others, we will use to evaluate and plan the life and ministry of our church and to guide us in discerning God’s new directions.
1.     We want to value the Great Commission 
We believe that Jesus expects our church as a whole, and our members individually, to share the good news of His love and to become His fully devoted followers.
2.     We want to value Ministry Improvement   
We believe we must constantly strive to honor God by improving in every area of our lives and ministries for the sake of bringing glory to his name and mission.
3.     We want to value Multigenerationalism  
We believe that God’s design for our local church is that it be “the family of God” and that all ages should be included in its ministry and focus of its mission.